Birthdays are a big deal! It is the one day a year that you get to be celebrated. You may get presents on holidays and for special occasions, but your birthday is all about you. If you have kids, you know that they count down the days till their birthday party for 365 days. Parents do whatever they can to make sure their children feel special on their birthdays. You don’t want to let them down!

Birthday parties are one of Elite Action Gamin’s specialties. If you want to make sure the next birthday is one your kids will remember, we can help. Here are five tips for planning the perfect birthday celebration for your child. 

Five Tips for Planning a Birthday Party to Remember in Western North Carolina

1) Invite Their Friends and Family

Your party will only be as fun as the participants. Make sure you invite their friends and give parents plenty of time to get your event on their calendars. If you are planning an outdoor birthday, there are only so many weekends in the spring, summer, and fall. Other parents are eyeing the same days and times you are, so make sure you get your invitations out on time. 

2) Get Your Party On The Calendar 

Your child’s birthday comes around on the same day every year. Go ahead and schedule the party as soon as possible. The sooner you schedule the date and time, the better you can plan:

  • Scheduling your party early helps ensure you get the date you want first among your child’s friends.
  • Scheduling your party early allows you to choose and book your venue.
  • Scheduling your party early lets you send out invitations in time to get invitations to parents. 
  • Scheduling your party early gives you the best chance at booking activities. 

3) Plan Awesome Activities

Some parents will have countless ideas for activities that keep the fun going. For the rest of us, we need a little help with ideas for entertaining kids. If you want a guaranteed fun time without having to worry about scouring the internet for game ideas, Elite Action Games has you covered. 

Tactical Laser Tag: This is not your dad’s laser tag. Tactical laser tag is basically a video game come to life. Your guests will be stoked to Join the battle with a variety of weapons modes and player roles. We can add team and individual objectives, as well as situations like Battle Royale that include dynamic storm damage within the gameplay. 

After the game, they can check their scores and celebrate with their teammates. They’ll never want to be tied to a screen again. The best part is that it works day or night, inside or outdoors!

GellyBall: The innovative, low-impact shooting game that leaves no stains or messes. Our battery-operated, automatic blasters shoot hydrated gel orbs at speeds of over 140 feet per second! While you will undoubtedly be hit, this game has a much lower impact than paintball, and there is no paint or stain. We offer everything you’ll need to have a great time! 

Once your kid’s friends start playing GellyBall, you can believe there will be many more GellyBall birthday parties in your friends’ circle. 

Battle Cage: Challenge your friends to a duel they’ll never forget. You’ll be blown away by this sword fight experience, from sound effects to live scoring, thanks to the smart belt and blade combination. Plus, your spectators can cheer on their favorite competitor from the sidelines while they wait their turn. Battle Cage will be yet another experience you will start seeing at more parties!

4) Good Food 

For a kid’s birthday party, no one is expecting a five-star meal. The kids probably won’t care. At the same time, if your celebration is taking place at lunch or dinner, providing something that adults will enjoy and kids won’t complain about will help ensure your invitees will choose your party over other invitations. 

You also want to have food available that accommodates various allergy and diet concerns. To make sure you account for those needs, add an option to include them in an RSVP. 

There are many ways to accomplish providing great food. You can cook out, of course, or you can utilize take-out and catering services from one of the many amazing restaurants in our area. 

5) A Dazzling Cake

No birthday party is complete without cake. You can opt for writing “happy birthday” in icing, or you can go all out and have a cake designed to highlight their favorite hobbies or interests. There are several local bakeries that would be delighted to take on your cake project!

Elite Action Games would love to bring the fun to your next birthday party. If you think GellyBall, Tactical Laser Tag, and Battle Cage would be hits at your next event, reach out to our team today