All about the EAG Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an Elite Action Gaming event look like?

EAG  creates an immersive experience using natural and mobile obstacles for a battlefield at your location or designated area. We bring all the necessary equipment for an adventure you or your guests are sure to remember.

EAG typically arrives 30-45 minutes prior to your scheduled start time to setup the battlefield obstacles and discuss last-minute details of your event.

When the event starts, the EAG Battlefield Commander will instruct participants on the equipment and battlefield rules for each round, group,  objective etc. Sometimes a briefing video may be used. 

Up to 12 participants at at time will enter the battlefield and compete as  teams or individuals to survive or reach the assigned objectives.

The first round with  each  group is generally a brief “free-for-all”, which gives players time to adjust to the equipment and their surroundings.

Depending on the event type and players’ age/experience, the following rounds may add various team or individual objectives. These rounds will vary in length and rules.

Upon completion of the selected time, the Battlefield Commander will end the games and collect all equipment  from participants. Some EAG Gear will be available for purchase for a short time following the end of the final battle. 

The Battlefield Commander will collect any mobile obstacles and load up the gear. We encourage you and your participants to leave us feedback on our Facebook page as well as post and tag us to let others know about your amazing experience.

Where Is EAG located?

EAG brings tactical action gaming  to your location throughout western North Carolina. We are in based in the Sylva-Whittier area and will travel to your event.

How many people can play?

We just added to our arsenal and now up to 20 players can participate at a time. For some scenarios additional players or actors can also participate. Games run from 5 minutes and up depending on number of players, wait times and game scenarios chosen. 

What system do you use?

We use an amazing, advanced gaming system by Battle Company with awesome tagger guns  and even more amazing software to control and customize the gaming experience.

Is Laser Tag Safe?

Laser Tag is a completely safe sporting activity. No physical contact is allowed between players and our taggers emit a harmless invisible beam. Laser Tag is also a great exercise for players.

Laser Tag also doesn’t make a mess like paintball (or even airsoft) and there’s no question when a player is tagged. Additionally laser tag doesn’t hurt like a paintball or well-placed airsoft shot can.

Play at your own risk!

Players may choose to move quickly or close to the ground, other players or obstacles. As with any activity, there is a risk of minor injury which can generally be avoided with care and attention to surroundings. 

Intense game play and sound effects could trigger those affected by PTSD, mental, physical or emotional distress.

At times, sound effects, darkness, strobe lights or smoke may be used. If you may suffer from any condition that may be adversely effected by these features, please notify your Battlefield Commander immediately. You may have to choose to sit out certain games.

Do we need to sign a Waiver?

Our waiver ensures you undersand the risks associated with action sports like our laser-tag adventure. We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible by using an online waiver solution. Click here to sign your waiver ahead of time!   We plan to keep your waiver on file electronically for any future participation. You can always contact us to ensure we have your information prior to the next event!

How big of an area do we need?

Generally, the bigger the battlefield, the better the experience can be. We understand not everyone has access to a huge building or field with all the ideal features and natural obstacles. We will work to make the experience exciting and fun for all your participants regardless of battlefield size. 

Battlefield size requirements depend on number of players, type of experience, age/experience of the players and other variables. 

Try to have access at least the size of a basketball court for the battlefield.

Fairs and Festivals and our Friendly Experience can utilize smaller footprints due to the age of participants and the types of games. 

Our Gamer Experiences are ideal in more complex locations and our equipment shoots hundreds of feet even during the day. 

Who can play EAG?

All EAG events can be physically demanding. Players will generally be required to move around the battlefield carrying a weapon.

Consult your physician regarding any questions as to your phyisical ability to participate in EAG events.

 EAG Friendly Experiences & Open Events are ideal for ages 8 and up. Young players (12 and under) will likely be limited to “friendly experience” game-play and may not be able to participate in our complex and intense game scenarios nor compete with older or more experiences players.

 The EAG Gamer Experience is an immersive adventure with tactical objectives for the team and individual. These scenarios tend to be longer, more complex and more intense than other laser tag and our own Friendly Experience. The Gamer Experience is geared toward teens and adults.

What kind of events and groups is EAG good for?

EAG Experiences are great for groups like:


  • Birthday Parties
  • Private Gamer Events
  • Family Reunions
  • Youth Activities
  • School Groups
  • Post-Prom
  • Sports Teams
  • Corporate Events
  • Team Building
  • Festivals & Fairs
  • Haunted Houses / Trails
  • Corn Maze
  • Church Groups


Does it Have to be Dark?

Not at all! Our amazing equipment is designed to work well outside during the day too!  We regularly shoot accurately at over 150ft in daylight and is advertised as high at 600 feet! Our class one lasers are invisible but you do see a muzzle flash each time the gun is fired.


What should participants wear?

Depending on whether the battlefield is indoor or outdoor, players should wear clothes appropriate tor the weather and season while allowing the greatest range of movement. Shoes with good traction on the selected playing surface should be worn at all times. 


The gamer experience is enhanced outdoors with players in camouflage  or dark clothing. 

Players may choose to crouch, crawl or roll through the battlefield and therefore clothing appropriate tot these possibilities should be worn.

What's the difference between your experiences?

We offer 3 different experiences each with unique purposes and options.

Friendly Experience is for groups that prefer a more simple event with basic games and family-friendly sound effects and interactions.

Gamer Experience is ideal for players who want an intense video-game experience. These rounds tend to be longer and feature team and personal objectives along with amazing weapon and accessory options.

Event Hosts are organizers of fairs or festivals who want to add an exciting feature for their guests. Options range from games similar to the friendly experience to very cool throughput events like zombie shoots or haunted trails.

What does the organizer need to provide?

Excited participants – Build anticipation for your event in the days leading up to it so your participants are anxious to get to the battlefield. Feel free to share photos or videos from our facebook page ahead of your event.

A winning attitude – EAG will work tireless to provide a seemless and exciting adventure for you and your participants. We strive to exceed your expectations and resepect special requests as much as possible within our guidelines. If there are any issues or concerns that arise, please notify the battlefield commander as soon as possible and we will work with you.

An electrical source is strongly recommended. It aids in setup and stability of the system as well as enabling our live scoring screen and speakers for background music throughout the experience. If no electrical source is available EAG can provide a small generator for our own use during the event which will incur a fee.

Payment in full should be provided to the Battlefield Commander upon or prior to arrival unless other arrangements have been made previously.

Money for add-on purchases. We carry a limited supply of add-ons which you or your players may wish to purchase on-site. These currently include bandanas, communications rental, hats, dog tags etc.

You may also provide your own customizations, obstacles, additional rules or objectives. It’s best to work with EAG ahead of time to align these goals. 

Battle Rules

Action Gaming is a Non-Contact Sport

Players should avoid physical contact during game play. Intentional contact is unpardonable. Accidental contact may incur warning from the Battlefield Commander with further physical contact subject to immediate censure.

Furthermore, players must be careful to avoid contact of their weapon with other players, obstacles or weapons. 

Exceptions for physical contact exist in certain game scenarios for the sole purpose of escorting captures players as required by the game. These contacts shall be limited to careful, necessary and respectful temporary contact.  

Physical violence (real, perceived or threatened) will not be tolerated and players may be ejected temporarily or permanently at the sole discretion of the Battlefield Commander

Act with Honor and Respect

All players shall act with honor and respect to themselves, other players, the battlefield property and the EAG gear.  

 Profanity is prohibited in the presence of young players, and discouraged at all times. 

The Battlefield Commander has responsibility to warn and then eject any player at their sole discretion for dishonorable or disrespectful actions or words.  

Failure to follow Battlefield Commander instructions may result in termination of the event with no cost discount or refund.

Follow the rules of each game scenario carefully. Every game or object may come with its own set of rules.

This is ultimately a Game

While we strive to create an amazing tactical experience for our guests, players must remember that this is ultimately a game or exercise. Should players being to take the even too seriously or show signs of anger, bitterness toward other players or the event staff, the Battlefield Commander may choose to enforce a rest period for any player or for the entire event. 

Stop at first sign of an issue

If you notice anything out of place or of concern – such as a player who may be injured or a spectator or bystander in the battlefield,  stop immediately. All players should notify the Battlefield Commander and try to assist as possible while following any instructions.

Follow all Instructions

Your Battlefield Commander has complete authority over the event. You must follow all directions. The Battlefield Commander may warn, suspend or eject any participant and may also pause, suspend or end the event as his sole discretion.

Sensors Must be Attached & Activated

There are sensors on each weapon and the headband. These sensors must remain on the assigned player in the correct fashion and active at all times. Players who detach or deactivate any sensor may be ejected by the Battlefield Commander.

 Hiding Sensors: Some players attempt to hide their sensors. This is considered fair play under these specific circumstances. Players may temporarily hide their gun sensor using their hand only.

Players may not us anything (no article of clothing, no other object) to cover or disable the head sensors.

Players may avoid hits by using their stance or an approved battlefield obstacle to block access to their head or gun sensors. This is a temporary action of hiding and does not involve physically covering only the sensors in any way.

Move Carefully

Play at your own risk! EAG does not require players to walk only. However any action is the choice of the player and they take on any risk and responsibility  of injury or damage.

Sprinting or high-speed running is strongly discouraged.

Players may choose to move quickly or even crawl, roll and other physically demanding actions. It is the responsibility of each player to ensure their surroundings, the surface, their clothing, other players  and the EAG equipment are all kept safe during any action.

 Outdoor surfaces may be uneven or contain unexpected dips, holes, rises or obstacles.  

 Surfaces may be hard so be careful when dropping, crawling or rolling or moving quickly.

Spectators, Bystanders and Dropping Out

A Spectator is anyone who wants to watch the battlefield action. Spectators are welcome as long as they stay out of the designated battlefield and do not interfere, distract, assist or affect the game play in any way. 

Bystanders are people nearby the battlefield, but not specifically spectating or participating. Bystanders should be avoided by all players and respected.

Players should avoid both bystanders and spectators. Players may not use either of these as part of the game, nor as obstacles or distractions.

Player may want to drop out, or be forced to drop out because his sensor has been tagged out. If you want or need to drop out of the game,  hold your weapon in both hands over your head, and shout, “I’m out!”.  Anyone leaving the playing area with his hands in the air is finished playing that game and should never be tagged, blocked or used by other players in any way.

Outdoor surfaces may be uneven or contain unexpected dips, holes, rises or obstacles.  

Surfaces may be hard so be careful when dropping, crawling or rolling or moving quickly.

EAG Terms and Policies

Important! Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement

By moving forward with any EAG experience, you agree that you (all customers, players, participants, location owners and any related parties) unconditionally release Elite Action Gaming, its staff, vendors, owners, suppliers and all other 3rd parties from any-and-all liability for any-and-all real or perceived loss, damage and/or injury.  Failure to provide a signed waiver does not exclude you nor any participant from the release, waiver of claims, assumption of risk and indemnity agreement. EAG provides entertainment activities for you to participate in at your own risk.

You furthermore acknowledge and agree to the Rules and Terms outlined on this page  and available for your review at

Furthermore you acknowledge and understand that the service provided by EAG involves a physical activity across various surfaces and locations  and involving multiple people, and  therefore  accidents are possible and may result in personal injury, property damage or other loss, and furthermore that EAG is not responsible for these risks or possibilities or consequences.

You agree that EAG will be not be held liable for any loss, damage or personal injury incurred by any person or property. All participation is at your own risk.

While EAG has set forth guidelines, rules and recommendations regarding player safetly, actions, health concerns and other related information, it is the exclusive decision of the customer / players as to whether to participate in these activities which can result in accidents including personal injury, property damage or loss.


Background Video

 The background video was edited from an original film  made by a fan of our equipment manufacture named Davey Hibler. The full original film can be viewed below.

Battle Company (Laser Tag Pro) Images

Many of our images and graphics have come from the manufacturer of our equipment, Battle Company (formerly Laser Tag Pro).

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