What do you picture when you hear the phrase laser tag? Do you picture a bowling alley with a basement or upstairs arena that’s mostly unlit, smells a little stale, and maybe has some blacklights? Can you feel the heavy vests and clunky blasters attached to those vests by a cumbersome cord? Do you recall the frustration of what feels like the inaccuracy of the blasters? 

Modern laser tag has come a long way from its humble (but still fun) origins. If you haven’t played in a while, you might be surprised to hear how much it has changed and evolved. When people see that we offer mobile laser tag, we get a lot of questions. Here are answers to some of the most common questions we hear about laser tag. 

Seven FAQs About Laser Tag

1) What Are Laser Tag’s Origins?

Laser Tag was influenced in no small way by Star Wars

“George Carter III, the inventor of Laser Tag, chanced upon the idea way back in 1977 after watching Star Wars Episode 4. However, his vision was not realized until 1984 when the first arena-based Laser Tag facility called Photon was set up in Dallas, Texas.”

Laser Tag was created with the concept that there should be an indoor shooting game that allowed teams to use weapons that were comparable to the blasters used in George Lucas’ well-known films. Are you more accurate than a stormtrooper? Laser Tag allows you to answer that question definitely for your friends and family. 

2) How Has Laser Tag Evolved?

As we mentioned earlier, many don’t realize that laser tag does not have to be played with clunky, heavy vests and blasters attached by cords. The modern version of laser tag available with Elite Action Gaming is much more like playing a live-action video game. You’ll be blown away by our version of the Star Wars-inspired game:

  • Players Experience Real FPS Action
  • We Host Exhilarating Tactical Missions
  • We Have the Ability to Set Fascinating Team Objectives
  • Players Can Check the Scores for Personal Achievements

It’s not your father’s laser tag. 

3) Can The Laser Hurt You?

The taggers feature class 1 lasers which are safe and invisible. Your laser shot’s location is hidden from view. On your opponent’s headset, you can see the shot confirmation when you hit them. The enemy headset will begin to glow. It typically requires a significant number of shots to defeat an opponent, depending on the game’s style and the weapon you’re using.

4) What Ages Can Play Laser Tag? 

We make an effort to accommodate your party’s requirements and make the event enjoyable for guests of all ages. You’ve probably never used anything like our laser tag equipment before.

Ages eight and up tend to pick up on our particular kind of laser tag quickly. Younger players (5+) are welcome; however, we want you to be aware that some may find it difficult to carry the equipment and aim, which could make the experience less enjoyable for them. We’ve discovered that players ages 5-7 need adult assistance.

We try our best to make your group’s laser tag party enjoyable for everyone! Some younger players adapt to GellyBall more easily than laser tag!

5) Where Are You Located?

Elite Action Gaming does not have a physical location (at least not yet). We bring tactical laser tag and GellyBall to you. However, if a fixed arena is what you’re looking for, we have this innovative new form of laser tag available at Black Mountain Adventure Zone!

6) How Many Players Can Play Laser Tag?

Our indoor arena accommodates up to 8 players at a time.

You can actually have up to 30 players. We play up to eight to ten at a time in the outdoor arena. If you have more than eight players in your group, we will simply create teams and rotate each game, so everyone gets to play. Each party has a set amount of play time included. If you need more play time, you can upgrade, or if you need more party time, you can upgrade. 

As long as you’re comfortable with only eight to ten players playing at a time, laser tag is the perfect complement to many types of events and parties. 

7) How Can You Play Laser Tag with Elite Action Gaming? 

We bring all the equipment and staff for GellyBall, Laser Tag, or the Battle Cage to your event. Varying objectives and gameplay keep the entire experience fun and exciting for any age or type of event. If you’re ready to book your laser tag or GellyBall party, reach out to Elite Action Gaming today!