Regardless of whether you lead a large corporation or small business, the last few years have put you on a roller coaster. No matter how big or small your staff is, it has been difficult to know what to anticipate for your personnel. There are moments when it seems like all enterprises will fail, and then there are other times when it appears like you are succeeding more than ever.

You have earned a pat on the back just for remaining open and serving your community despite all the challenges businesses have experienced due to the pandemic and ensuing supply chain challenges.

Your team also deserves a round of applause for helping you get through the hardest times. Those companies that have made it this far have often thrived. Whether you want to thank your team, help new staff members become acclimated to your culture, or you are ready to take your business to the next level, a corporate team-building day may be the solution. 

For businesses in western North Carolina, here are four ideas for corporate team-building. 

Four Ideas for Corporate Team Building in Western North Carolina

1) Go on a Company Retreat

Western North Carolina is home to many retreat centers that can accommodate groups of various sizes. Whether you have a large staff or a small team, you can bond over a weekend spent in the mountains. A few principles for making the most of your retreat include:

  • Choose comfortable accommodations. 
  • Make sure there is good food. 
  • Book your ideal retreat location in advance. 
  • Arrange all transportation in advance. 
  • Make sure there is plenty of time for rest and conversations. 
  • Add some team-building games. 
  • Make the retreat feel like a reward.

2) Plan a Trip to Asheville

Asheville offers plenty to do that can help strengthen your team. From hanging out in one of the many restaurants or craft beverage businesses to tapping into nostalgia at the paintball museum, a business trip to the largest city of its elevation east of the Mississippi River may be just what you need to facilitate team-building. 

3) Spend a Day at Fontana Lake

Fontana Lake offers some of the most stunning views of the Great Smoky Mountains you’ll find in the Carolinas and Tennessee. You might consider renting a house or structure on the lake as a base for activities. Then, you and your staff can relax while enjoying lake activities such as:

  • Exploring the history of Fontana Dam and some of the communities that used to exist in the valley. 
  • Fishing in the well-stocked waters. 
  • Boating, skiing, tubing, and kneeboarding. 
  • Kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, canoeing, and other paddle sports
  • Enjoying the stunning beauty of the surrounding mountains

4) Play Laser Tag and GellyBall

What is GellyBall?

One of the most distinctive activities in Sylva is GellyBall. It’s a cutting-edge new game that combines paintball and airsoft excitement with significantly lower-impact ammunition. GellyBall ammo feels a lot like getting flicked with a rubber band, so people deterred by higher-impact games like paintball and airsoft really enjoy GellyBall. 

Battery-operated Automatic handguns called GellyBall blasters have a 60-foot range and accuracy. They have the ability to shoot with amazing precision at both opponents and targets. After just one game, new players feel like professionals.

What’s new about Laser Tag?

You might think you know laser tag, but if it’s been a while since you played, you may not realize how much the game has changed. Long gone are the days of lugging around a heavy vest with a blaster tethered to your chest. Blasters are wireless and modern headbands are comfortable and collect data that makes the entire experience comparable to an FPS. 

What Makes GellyBall and Laser Tag Perfect for Corporate Team-Building

Here are just a few of the benefits of letting Elite Action Gaming host your corporate GellyBall and laser tag team-building efforts:

  • EAG comes to you with everything you need to have a great time playing GellyBall and Laser Tag. 
  • Our staff will make sure everyone gets to participate. 
  • We play a wide variety of games that include individual missions and team assignments. 
  • We can adjust our gameplay in accordance with the goals you have for your corporate event. 
  • With the right available spaces, you can play inside or outdoors, so weather doesn’t have to be a factor. 
  • You can book your corporate team-building experience in advance and plan accordingly. 

If you would like to know more about how you can bring GellyBall and Laser Tag to your corporate team-building event, reach out to our team today!