Team-Building Ideas Sylva, NC

Team-Building Ideas Sylva, NC

The secret is out about Sylva, North Carolina. People are learning quickly about how charming our town is. Sylva is a great location to live for commuters and individuals who work remotely because it is just an hour and a half from Asheville and only twenty minutes from Cherokee, Bryson City, and Waynesville.

Located in the midst of the Great Smoky Mountains, Sylva is a hub for all sorts of outdoor activities:

  • Sylva is situated in the Great Smoky Mountains and is thus a center for a variety of outdoor pursuits. Just a few miles in any direction from Sylva’s downtown are hundreds of miles of hiking trails, including the Appalachian Trail.
  • Within a short drive of the town are fantastic mountain biking trail networks.
  • Jackson County has some of the greatest fly fishing in the whole country.
  • Kayaking and whitewater rafting are only a couple of the thrilling or relaxing water sports that are available near us.
  • Clean parks offer places for visitors to unwind, swing a hammock, and take in the tranquil sounds of babbling creeks and local animals from downtown to every little settlement in the vicinity.

Do you have a team in Sylva? It could be a sports team, college club, work team, church ministry, etc. You know how important it is to help facilitate relationship-building among your teammates. If you’re searching for team-building ideas near Sylva, NC, Elite Action Gaming can help!

GellyBall and Laser Tag – Team Building in Sylva, NC

Tactical Laser Tag with Elite Action Gaming

You might be surprised by how much the game has advanced if you haven’t played current laser tag. With mobile laser tag provided by Elite Action Gaming, the gameplay feels more like an FPS video game than what you experienced in the 90s. 

New LaserWar taggers and head straps with sensors are equipped to provide the best action without the need to wear cumbersome vests or uncomfortable gear. Vibrations and sound effects are used to communicate each player’s movements to the other players.

To make sure that everyone receives adequate playing time, we often play in groups of up to four players per team. We will quickly create new teams if your group is larger. The amount of fun offered by contemporary laser tag will astound you. It’s like playing a video game while exercising!

GellyBall With Elite Action Gaming

GellyBall is the answer if you’re looking for a team-building activity that will enable your folks to run around and enjoy themselves. What you need to know about GellyBall is as follows:

  • The shooting game GellyBall is low-impact and entertaining for both adults and children.
  • GellyBall ammunition feels like getting flicked by a rubber band.
  • Impressive GellyBall blasters can fire precisely from up to 60 feet away. They are more potent than Nerf ammunition, but they are not as impactful as airsoft and paintball.
  • Unlike paintballs, GellyBall ammunition doesn’t spatter or leave a mess behind.

Similar to laser tag, Gellyball features a variety of plays. Your squad will probably be prepared for more, and you’ll have to drag them from the arena if that’s the case.

Elite Action Gaming features team-building activities for you to choose from in Sylva, Cherokee, Waynesville, and throughout western North Carolina. Contact us right away to reserve your team-building event!