GellyBall Waynesville, NC

One of the most beautiful towns in the state is Waynesville. Located in Haywood County, Waynesville is surrounded by some of the tallest mountains and southern hospitality. Many families looking for outdoor opportunities in the growing community choose to relocate to Waynesville. 

Hiking, fly fishing, whitewater rafting, and outdoor sports are available in Waynesville. Whether you have been in Waynesville for decades or just recently moved to the area, GellyBall is becoming a popular activity for parties, special occasions, and weekend fun. 

Gellyball is a new, low-impact shooting experience for players as young as five, as well as teens and adults. Shoot at opposing players and targets with accuracy up to 60ft with our battery-powered automatic pistols. The unique gel-based water orb ammunition feels like a rubber band being flicked.

Elite Action Games’ GellyBall Experience in Waynesville, NC

Ready to experience EAG’s GellyBall? Our equipment includes our battery-powered automatic Gel Blaster pistols, full-face protective mask, and ammo. We include the glow ammo and mounted UV lights if you are playing in glow mode. We bring everything you need for a good time, including:

  • Automatic, Battery-Powered, Gel-Blaster Pistols
  • Protective GellyBall FaceMasks
  • Inflatable Bunkers
  • Ammunition (Hydrated GellyBalls)
  • Extra Equipment 
  • Retail Packs
  • Safety goggles for spectators
  • Game Commander
  • Game Accessories

How is GellyBall Played?

We have a variety of games depending on the type of event, age group, and the number of players, such as team battles, capture the flag, traitor town, one-on-one or two-on-two championships, and more. During your party, your EAG Game Commander will organize and run the game. 

GellyBall can be played up to 5v5, so if there are more people, we will form more teams and quickly rotate between games to ensure that everyone gets plenty of playing time. Your event includes a certain amount of playtime and ammo. This means that each player will be given as much time as possible within the time limit. . We will set the length of each game so that all players have an opportunity to play within the time frame.

Before we begin, the EAG Commander informs us of our safety rules and conduct expectations, as well as our respect for other players, as well as our staff, equipment, and location.

Where Can I Play GellyBall?

EAG’s GellyBall is an immersive, mobile experience which means we bring everything to your preferred location. The area should be easily closed off or kept at a safe distance from spectators or those who are not involved in your event. Spectators are required to wear provided safety goggles and are warned that they may be hit by stray Gellyballs. One or more of our EAG staff members will be on-site to set up the experience, run the games, and then load the equipment. 

If you’re interested in booking EAG’s GellyBall package for your next event, contact us.