GellyBall Cherokee, NC

GellyBall Cherokee, NC

Cherokee is the capital of the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation and part of the traditional homelands of the Cherokee people. The community was established in the 1870s after the land was purchased by the Eastern Band. Cherokee serves as the gateway to Great Smoky Mountain National Park, the second most visited national park in the country. 

Thousands of tourists visit Cherokee each month for a wide variety of reasons, including:

  • Cherokee has some of the best fly fishing in the country. 
  • You can see all sorts of wildlife, including elk, in Cherokee. 
  • There are thousands of miles of hiking trails in and around Cherokee. 
  • Fire Mountain is one of the best flow-style mountain biking trail systems on the East Coast. 
  • Harrah’s Cherokee Casino is one of the most visited hotels in the state. 
  • There are plenty of rivers and creeks in which to do watersports. 

“Cherokee, North Carolina offers natural beauty, family attractions, outdoor activities, and the rich history of the Great Smoky Mountains.” – Cherokee Smokies. 

Whether you live in Cherokee or surrounding areas, or you are visiting for a weekend, you might just need a fun activity to kill some time and help the kids get some energy out. Gellyball is a fun new game your children and the adults will love!

GellyBall Cherokee, NC

What is GellyBall? GellyBall is a fun and also revolutionary new game that takes the sting of airsoft and paintball. The ammo is 90% water and biodegradable. It feels like being flicked with a rubber band. 

GellyBall is Unique

Many people have played paintball and airsoft. While those games are fun, it is common to have welts and even open wounds after you play. Other complaints we’ve heard about paintball and airsoft include:

  • The Clutter: When paintballs burst, they scatter paint all everywhere. Metal balls shot at a high pace are used in airsoft; therefore, if you play on your property, expect a mess.
  • Cost: Airsoft and paintball guns are both difficult and pricey. Both the initial purchase price and ongoing upkeep are frequently fairly pricey.
  • Ammo: Airsoft and paintball ammunition can be rather pricey. You might find yourself having to buy in bulk and store it in big containers.
  • Safety: Players of paintball and airsoft games frequently need to purchase additional protective equipment such as helmets, goggles, and body armor. These things can be both costly and heavy. Running about, jumping, ducking, and hiding is difficult when you’re wearing so much gear!
  • Play: Younger children find paintball and airsoft guns to be too difficult, unpleasant, and unwieldy to enjoy. You might not be able to play these shooting games with your family as a result.

GellyBall is Mobile in Cherokee, NC

Elite Action Gaming brings GellyBall to you in and around Cherokee, NC. Choose your package by time and ammo, and check out our upgrade options. Each game is 3-8 minutes long. 

Players & teams can rotate if you have more than ten players because we don’t charge for more players (only for time, ammo, and upgrades). Prices listed include up to 30 miles from our base in Sylva. Additional distance will incur an additional mileage rate.

If you want to play GellyBall in the Cherokee area, reach out to us today!