Birthday Party Ideas Cherokee, NC

Birthday Party Ideas Cherokee, NC

Birthdays are really important because it’s the one day of the year when you get to celebrate yourself. While you may receive gifts on holidays and special events, your birthday is entirely about you and it should be filled with fun and excitement. What better place to celebrate your child’s birthday than in Cherokee?

Cherokee is a town in western North Carolina on the reservations of the Cherokee Nation’s Eastern Band and has an abundance of fun activities and outdoor adventures. If you’re in the Cherokee area and need some fun activities to entertain people at a birthday party, Elite Action Gaming has you covered. We specialize in birthday celebrations and can help you in making the next birthday party of your children one they will remember.

Elite Action Gaming Experience Birthday Party Ideas

EAG creates an immersive battlefield experience at your birthday party or event by utilizing natural and mobile obstacles. We bring all of the essential equipment for a tactical action gaming experience to Cherokee and anywhere in western North Carolina. AG Experience games that are great for birthday parties:

Tactical Laser Tag

If you or your kids play video games, they will love our laser tag experience. It’s much more like an FPS come to life than what you’re used to if you played back in the day. We come to you and set up an indoor or outdoor arena with natural and/or mobile obstacles and other optional accessories for up to 12 players at a time. With the most advanced laser tag equipment and game scenarios available along with personal stat tracking and customizations, you’re sure to experience a fun adventure.


What makes this activity fun is the fact that GellyBall ammunitions have a lot less of an impact than paintball or airsoft ammo. Gellyball is a new, low-impact shooting experience for players as young as five, as well as teens and adults. With our battery-powered automatic handguns, you can shoot at enemy players and targets with pinpoint precision up to 60 feet away. 

The unusual gel-based water orb ammo feels like a rubber band being flicked. We offer a variety of games depending on the sort of event, age range, and number of players, such as team fights, capture the flag, traitor town, one-on-one or two-on-two championships, and more.

Battle Cage

Challenge your friends to an unforgettable duel. This sword combat experience will blow you away, from the sound effects to the live score, thanks to the clever belt and blade combination. While they wait their turn, your guests can cheer on their favorite contestant from the sidelines. Battle Cage brings a unique experience to a birthday party. 

Elite Action Games would be delighted to add excitement to your next birthday party. If you believe GellyBall, Tactical Laser Tag, and Battle Cage would be a hit at your next event, please contact us!