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Friendly Experience

Action Gaming Fun for Everyone!


Our Friendly Experience laser tag is fun for the whole family, youth group, corporate event, team or festival.


We’ll help you customize an amazing experience from music and sound effects to game scenarios. 

Friendly Experience

We come to you and set up an indoor or outdoor battlefield with natural and available mobile obstacles and other optional accessories for up to 12 players at a time. 

With the most advanced laser tag equipment and game customizations, you’re sure to experience an exhilarating adventure.

Your Friendly Experience is just 3 Steps Away

Step 1- Choose Location

Step 2 - Select Enhancements

Step 3 - Choose Date & Time

Choose from these Battlefield Locations

Your Location

  • Indoor / Outdoor
  • Natural / Mobile Battlefield Obstacles

We bring all the equipment and obstacles to create an exciting battlefield in your indoor or outdoor location. 



Follow us on Facebook to see if we have a pop-up battlefield this week.

*Pop-up arenas provide unique, ever-changing experiences for you. Have a possible location? Click here to contact us about it. 

Other Locations

Don’t have your own area suitable for your laser tag experience? We’re building a list of locations that can be reserved or rented for your event. Additionally, we’ve partnered with select locations to bring you some very exciting battlefield venues with unique optional features.


Open Events

Follow us on Facebook and check our event schedule to see when and where we will be open to the public for walk-in experience.

Interested in hosting a public or walk-in event? Contact us to discuss.

Choose from these Battlefield Enhancements

Communications Rental

Rent two-way radios to keep your team connected. Comes with handsfree headset.

Multi-Function Bandana

Add on our custom multi-function tube bandanas. These can be worn all kinds of ways both on and off the battlefield.

Customized Dog Tags

Order your customized dog tags for each participant, complete with the EAG logo on one side and your gamers names on the other. 

Inflatable Obstacles

Add to the excitement with some inflatable obstacles inn your battlefield. 

More to come

We're working to add more enhancements soon!

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